Boredom ….as an adult

…as an adult, you’re really not allowed to get bored. You’re supposed to be this responsible thing that your parents were and quickly move on from one task to the next task to fill the void of space and time that would allow you the luxury of proclaiming that you’re bored. See as an adult, boredom, at least for me, is the by product of those endless task becoming a well worked out routine that repeats itself EVERYDAY! From moment to moment, things get done, with little thought, or effort. Kind of like a mindless robotic drone, the task gets done, with minimal distraction, clear focus, and absolutely no interruption. And maybe that is what I am hoping for, an interruption. Maybe that’s why 24/7 news cycles, reality television and YouTube viral videos have become so integral to our lives, we need an interruption.

Well I need an interruption, so I quit my job, one routine gone and I’ve left my partner of 9 years, another routine gone – trust me there’s a lot more there, that was a necessary move. I have four children, they keep things incredibly interesting, and I’ve switched career paths from politics and writing, to science and bio-technology. A new routine is quickly replacing the old one, but, with hind sight and new found wisdom, I feel like I can craft this one more carefully and create a space for breaks in whatever routine emerges.  Bring in new people, new lovers, new friends and reach out to the old ones that have also been confined to the torturous gears of routine and boredom. Fuck a cheap thrill, I want deep existential change. I don’t want to go skinny dipping, I want to feel at peace with my nudity, I want to sit around and chat with a nude crowd. I don’t want to smoke pot, I want to feel high all the time on laughter and emotion, feel more than just a casual catch up conversation.

There’s this thing about growing up, that has taken me some time to figure out, but I’m getting there. Yes, I am bored, because I am easily bored, but I will change that. I will do those amazing things and and be that amazing person I have always tried so hard to be….starting with capoeira, I think I will enjoy wandering through 30.

Stuck on Repeat …..ENJOY!!!!!!


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